Yoga and handmade pottery in Posio 2022

Yoga retreat in Lapland wilderness and handmade pottery course

Dates Fri-Sun 29.-31.7.2022
Venue: Wildernesshotel Kirikeskus, Posio, Lapland, Finland
Short description: Combining yoga with craftsmanship in a pottery course helps to ground and focus on the essential – to connect with the energy of the mother earth. In the evenings take a traditional Finnish sauna or sit in the hot tub on the patio at the lakeside. Enjoy a swimming in natural waters and feel calming atmoshpere of campfire. Payment when arriving to Wildernesshotel Kirikeskus.

More information Wildernesshotel Kirikeskus, tel. +358 40 836 7217; info(at)
yogateacher Oili Ruokamo tel. +358 40 596 5031; oruokamo(at)

Julkaissut oiliruokamo

I am the child of a fishing family from Finnish Lapland, which has developed its entrepreneurial skills and lifestyle from home. My values, an active attitude to life and a positive will to do things with enthusiasm and courage have survived and helped me move forward in life. My work and life have involved a lot of tourism and its development. Over the past ten years, I have also developed myself into a better person through yoga and walks in nature.


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